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Peak Lapland is home for famous Tuikku-restaurant on top of Levi ski resort,
welcoming Saunabaari-terrace & café and activity center. We also operate cosy Muumari cabins and caravan area.
Below you can find information about Tuikku and Saunabaari.



On the top of Levi with a panorama view over Lapland.

In summer You can arrive via green transition route/ willage trail,

by mountain bike trails or by walking, by car/taxi.

Opening hours September 2023

Upstair's Café  open daily 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Daily soup, Hamburger & chips/fries, small snacks, ice cream and drinks.


(Off season, check opening hours on social media)

(no animals indoors, friendly dogs are welcome to terrace)

Event Calendar 

Opens in Google Calendar


Tuikuntie 11
99130 Levi


Meetings at Tuikku

Meetings with a view at Tuikku lifts your spirit.
Available for groups minimum 20 persons. 

More information or +35816 644 240



Saunabaari is a beach side terrace-cafe and activity center located by the beautiful Lake Immeljärvi.
Summertime You can enjoy ice cream, snacks and drinks, local beach and sun chairs and rental gear for active day outside.
We also have an opportunity to book a warmed hut for groups
(Note: Temperature 80 celsius).

Opening hours august 5. onwards.

Saunabaari & reception closed for this season

Private beach open for pupblic 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

(no animals on beach area, terrace dogs are welcome)


Immeltie 1
99130 Levi

Saunabaari rentals


SUP-board/ boats 25€/1h, 35€/3h, 50€/1 day
Guided SUP-board experince 3h for request. incl Board, guiding and a ice cream.
E-fatbikes 25 €/1 h, 50 €/3h, booking calendar for longer bookings

Fishing tickets available for Immeljärvi and local lakes and rivers

Winter (open Dec-April)

Skates 20 €/h
Kick-sleds 10 €/h
E-fatbikes 40 €/1 h, 50 €/3h, booking calendar for longer bookings 
FRI Ice-swimming 20 €/person, Hot room


Bookings and Inquiries

All bookings and inquiries can be sent to or by phone +358 16 644 240


Peak Lapland offers various activities which you can book from our web store or at Saunabaari
Please, ensure that you receive booking confirmation via e-mail.
Own clothings and equipments needed at activity are told in activities' description.

All activities begin from Saunabaari (Immeltie 1, 99130 Levi)


PEAK LAPLAND business to year-round project The purpose of the project is to diversify business to make it year-round and profitable.
In addition, we emphasize locality and nature values ​​in all our activities.